Meaningful Monday Week 4

It’s a new week! The weather has been great, kids are back in school, birthday festivities are over and potty training still sucks! Although I don’t know anyone who is all WOO HOO, potty training! Liza is very excited about princess panties but she only has a 2 second window between realizing she needs to go and actually going. And if she’s playing, forget it. There’s nothing like being in the middle of a birthday party, looking out your kitchen window and seeing your 3 year old bare butt pooping in the neighbors yard. All the other neighborhood kids were screaming and running. I had to go over with a plastic bag and TRY to rationalize to the neighbors. There really is no rationalizing that.

Yes, I did just talk about poop. With 5 kids I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often. You have to see the humor in life.

On to Meaningful Monday! Why are we doing this? Read HERE.

I read a story this week called Project 100.  It’s about Edge Creative Group, who distributed one hundred $100 bills to 100 people for 100 days. Check it out, it saved one woman’s electric from being cut off. Talk about a saving grace!

We’ve decided that saying Random Acts of Kindness just doesn’t sound right. People make the decision consciously to do nice things for others. Or they choose not to. Random kindness is wonderful, but proactive conscious kindness is our goal. And believe me, it’s not selfless. We’re doing it because we want a better world, we want a nicer world for our children and really, it just feels good.

So, instead of RAOK we have….

PAOK (proactive act of kindness)# 21 – We took all of the balloons from Vivi’s party to an outdoor concert at the riverfront and handed them out to the kids. This was the first time I saw my kids a little shy about the PAOK, but I think this was the first time it directly involved other children.  Once they saw me do the 1st 2 balloons, they wanted to take over and got into the swing of it.

PAOK #22 – I helped an older lady with her cart at the store.

The next time I went, all the carts were stuck together and the guy behind me got one unstuck for me!

What gave you warm fuzzys this week?

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  1. liz says:

    oh no! bare butt pooping in a NEIGHBOR’S yard is enough to get the heart racing! good luck with that!
    liz recently posted..What&8217s in a Name

    • Annette Kerr says:

      Just when I think Liza couldn’t pull another stunt that would make me say “at least mine haven’t done that yet”….she does it again. You are an amazing mom and you keep your sense of humor!

  2. esther says:

    Mine’s not at the potty training stage yet…but it’s good to know what could happen and how to handle it! =)
    esther recently posted..Scandle Body Candle Review

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