We Have a Love/Hate Relationship

I love shoes.  I love buying cute shoes and envisioning where I will wear them. I love getting dressed for an evening out and pulling the coveted cute shoes out of the closet, knowing that I will feel sexy and grown up and definitely not momish.

On the other hand, I hate wearing cute shoes.  My feet convulse at the the very thought that I will strap them into something tight and leather and force them to balance upon only their toes.  But just look at them. It’s probably wrong that my heart beats a little faster with sexy shoe longing.

Last weekend was the 2nd and last time I will wear these shoes. I thought it would be safe. I went to a baby shower. I had it figured out. I had to walk in, but then you sit & eat, sit & talk, sit and watch the proud parent to be open her gifts. (Congrats again Tammy!! SO excited for you!) Alas, my plan failed. As it’s done so very many times before. 30 minutes in and my feet were protesting. Cute shoe fail.  I could barely walk out the door. I will never be that girl who can prance around parties with sexy shoes, looking all confidant and together. If you are that girl: You suck. More power to you. You go girl, because it’s hard and you look great!

It’s just ironic that I love the shoes. I guess it will have to be one of those sad unrequited love stories. My canvass converse low tops love me, and you know the saying… Love the one you’re with.

PS: These are size 10. Email me if you want them. They are free and need to be at a good home where they will be able to show themselves in the glory they deserve…

Update: The shoes have found a loving home.  Please be sassy, sexy and take pictures so we can be jealous share in the glory that is the cute shoe woman.

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  1. Gia says:

    Lol completely agree! Especially after having had this foot surgery, the mere thought of my feet in those caaaaa-ute shoes makes my big toe ache like a rotten tooth. I have a closet full of cute shoes I’ve worn only once because they were purchased to go with a certain outfit.

  2. I LOVE shoes too! In fact, we had to enlarge our closet to accommodate my shoes. In general, I buy flats because I have to work at marketplace and trade shows for my business which involves standing all day talking to customers. If your feet are killing you, you’ll never survive the day. I adore sexy stilettos but my feet don’t. I collapsed the front arch in both of my feet when I used to run cross country … I can only wear heels if I know I’ll be sitting down most of the evening at a dinner party.
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