Me & Billy Wirth – Sitting in a Tree……..

Do you remember being 14, awkward in every part of your life, not popular, and being completely obsessed with a movie star or singer in a way that you were absolutely sure it was true love? Who was it? Mine was Billy Wirth. He was captivating in War Party, he was a super hot vampire in The Lost Boys, and among his plethora of other works, he threw me into womanhood with Red Shoe Diaries.

I received a message that he was going to be in town, and even as a 3o something mother of five – I swear I squealed out loud. I called my husband, I texted the nanny, I mentally ruled out every outfit in my closet. The entire week before, I worried that he was going to be a jerk and totally ruin the image that a teenage girl had built of the perfect man. I don’t know why I still felt so strongly about validating that inner teen. In my time since then, I’m no longer awkward (usually),  editors pay me to write words for them, my children are amazing, I know what real true love is and I married the real deal perfect for me man. But still, BILLY WIRTH.

The day came. Dave & I drove downtown. We walked into the bar where Billy and his friend Brooke McCarter were going to be. It was like I had never been in a bar before. Should we sit? Should we order a drink and wait? Should I just start screaming his name? I noticed Dave looking behind me and turned around. There he was – in a back room just sitting in a chair like being in the same place and breathing the same air as me was a natural thing. He looked up at me, smiled, stood, and walked over to me. He said “Hi, I’m Billy” and with all the elegance I had, I said “Oh my God”.

Thankfully I regained my sanity fairly quickly and introduced myself and Dave. And then – and THEN – we chatted! As if that were a normal, everyday, not life altering thing to do. Like we’ve talked several times before.  He introduced us to Brooke, and we took a couple of pictures because you know I had to have a picture of that.

Then I babbled tried explaining how I was validating my 14 year old inner girl by finally meeting with him and he seemed a little confused by the whole teenage reference and I remembered that usually only my husband can decipher my train of thought when I really get going, so I just thought screw the explaining, how many times am I going to be standing and joking with Billy Fucking Wirth?! (I’m not sure if that’s his full name) – So, I just did it…

Oh yeah, I did. He was such a good sport.

I also can’t say enough nice things about Brooke. He is a total riot. I could be infinitely more casual with him because unlike Billy I could look at him and breathe at the same time.

After the kiss, I had been fulfilled, and went with my husband to get a drink at the bar. I smacked him in the chest a couple of times and asked him why he didn’t tell me that Billy Wirth was behind me when we got there. He reminded me of all of the off the wall things I’ve babbled to celebrities when I’ve had time to prepare and thought it was better if I was surprised. I had to concede, that is usually what happens.

10 minutes later, drinks in hand, discussing our future evening plans (it was also date night) Billy walks up to us and we all start chatting again. I took the moment to really look at the situation, to feel it. It was great. We talked about our kids (hey, he asked!) his girlfriend  – who he thinks is “the one” and you can tell he meant it. He told us about his mom in New York, his art, he asked how we met and about each of the kids again. We talked about so much, like standing there talking with us was just something that happens. Yes, to normal people but this was Billy F Wirth!! I had to collect myself every once in awhile. He was so amazingly nice and down to earth. He was….. normal. We actually talked a lot of the time we were there. HE asked for MY card. It was insanity I tell you. It was time to continue the date with Dave, so I walked over to say good bye. Brooke was surprised we were leaving early and he said he’d call me. (I am so not holding my breath for that, but it was still nice to hear). Billy joked that I was going on a date with my husband but he was the foreplay.  It was like hanging out with people we’d known forever. It was crazy. Crazy in a normal way.

And the moral of the story is…..  I kissed BILLY WIRTH. Amen.

P.S. Thank you Dan. I <3 you.

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  1. Barbara says:

    I never heard of him, but you seem happy so … WOOT!!!

  2. steve says:

    Most people tend to forget that these “stars” are just everyday people who happen to have a job that involves being in front of a camera for most of their work day. Behind the photoshop enhanced publicity pictures are real people who deal with the same issues that we all face in our day to day lives……..their kids, their wives, their girlfriends, their careers, homes, bills, schools, etc., etc…..

    I once had the opportunity to meet Sam Elliot in the Orlando airport, where I was managing a renovation project of an entire wing for United Airlines on one of the air side terminals. Sam Elliot and his entourage had deplaned on the wing which was still being used for private aircraft and charter groups. Their aircraft had some sort of mechanical problems and they were just sitting there in a waiting area while it was being serviced.

    Mr. Elliot wondered over to see what we were doing. I guess he was bored, but after I explained that we were confirming the “as-built” conditions of the facility and what the plans were for the coming project, he followed us around for close to an hour asking questions and talking with us…….turns out early in his career he worked construction jobs to support himself and had actually entertained the idea of going into Architecture. It was interesting to see just how down to earth he was and truly interested in what we were doing…….the funny thing was, when someone from the group hollered that the jet was ready to continue on with their flight, Sam cocked his head to the side like he does and with that smirking smile said in that deep voice…..”I’d just as soon stay here with you guys and do this, but then I wouldn’t get paid for what I’m doing would I…..”………..and with a smile and a handshake, he ambled back to the gate. Just before he disappeared down the tunnel, he turned and raised his hand in a mock salute goodbye………just a regular guy behind the scenes.

  3. Jules says:

    Hilarious! I am SO happy for you! That’s a great story and now I’m feeling like I totally want to hunt down Joey McIntyre and be his new BFF!

  4. NotJustAnotherJennifer says:

    OMG! I loved Lost Boys! He was hot way before this stupid Twilight stuff. It’s funny because I just wrote a post about my teen idol, Jon Bon Jovi, last week. So happy for you! And how cool is your hubs for taking a pic of the kiss? :)
    NotJustAnotherJennifer recently posted..Working Mommy Wednesday- You Know Youre Stressed When

  5. L. Eleana says:

    You and Jennifer both wrote post about teen idols this week. Just left her blog too. You are sooo happy that it makes me want to think back to when I was 14.
    L. Eleana recently posted..The Potentially Chilling Effects of a Nationwide Halt on Foreclosures

  6. Caren says:

    New follower from MBC! :) HI

  7. Kelley says:

    Where have I been?? I don’t know Billy Wirth and feel so ashamed. Still, I loved this post! How awesome that you gave the man a kiss. A kiss!! Go you!
    Kelley recently posted..Five BIG- FAT lies andthe truth

  8. andifoo says:

    You freaking kissed Billy Wirth!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    andifoo recently posted..Well- thats unfortunate

  9. tiger says:

    I would have been so nervous and excited at the same time…I have a similar story about Billy but I wasn’t 14 I was 30 and I still think he is the sexiest man alive….I would love to meet him he seems to be just one of those cool guys….and yes it would be great to kiss him I think I would faint lol….I hope not anyway I would like to stay conscience for something as wonderful as that….His role in the Red Shoe Diaries is one of my favorites he can really pull off those hot steamy scenes and that just adds to the fantasy….maybe one day soon as fate would have it we may cross paths but until that day I will wait patiently….it doesn’t hurt to dream.

  10. angelina says:

    My God am I envious of you. I’ve loved Billy ever since I saw him in the Lost Boys when I was a child. I would totally let him bite me! But if I ever got a chance to kiss him I would lock onto those lips and never let go! Someone would have to pry me off of him. Well congratulaions! I bet you’ll never forget that kiss as long as you live. And it’s really great to know that he and Brooke are really great guys. Sometimes you meet celebs and they turn out to be anything but what you thought they were going to be like.


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