Baby Rhino vs. My Children

Too cold for the zoo? Maybe the waterfall would give us a clue…..

Nope, there was a baby Rhino, and the kids were determined to find it.

Look kids! Baby rhino!! it’s swimming! Lets go! No such luck. I was starting to regret teaching them animals when them were small. (for those who’s parents failed you, that ‘s a hippo)

Did I mention it was cold?? TOO cold. But wait! The insectarium! Now we’re talking. (normally I would never say that but it’s inside and HEATED.)

Beautiful flowers, heat, butterflies flitting about. I could stay there all day while the rhino hunt continued. Yes, that was a good plan…

How pretty. Just come back and get me when you’re done with the cold outside crap. What’s prettier than a flower on a butterfly? Yes, I’ll stay right here. Please take the kids directly to the rhino and come back. Yes, half bribe, half beg.

WAIT! WAIT! The flitting, the flying, they’re getting braver! Then it happened. A butterfly started to taste my finger. I just know it was the first of it’s kind to get to human flesh and at any moment the hoards of other previous beautiful creatures would attack and start eating my corpse as a delicious meal. It was too cold for anything else. The creatures had gone wild.

I got the hell out of there. I’ll go with cold baby rhino over zombie butterflies any day. Don’t they read the signs???  DO NOT TOUCH!

I have a fun idea, lets play chicken with the train. You… #3 – how fast can you run?

(totally kidding the trains were shut down because of the weather.) Still a funny pic.

Fine, their attentions turned to the penguins. Like I wanted to go inside someplace EVEN COLDER. Yeah right. You guys do that, & I’ll go socialize with my favorite animal, the polar bear. I walked up & down the bear isle and couldn’t find them! Finally I had to ask a zoo keeper. Where were my polar bears?? It wasn’t good news. One little kid let a balloon go and the polar bear ate it. He died. Next, a trash bag blew into the cage. The next polar bear ate that. He died. The 3rd and last polar bear got sick and they found a tumor and he had to be put down. THERE ARE NO POLAR BEARS AT THE ZOO!! At this point, I was cold, crabby and sad.

A duck came up to talk to me. I thought it was very sweet. I searched every pocket, purse and diaper bag for some kind of crumb of grahm cracker to give him. I had none. SO, I just took his friendly little picture.

My friend the duck. We talked. We related. I tried to get him to look up at the camera. He bit my finger. WHAT? For the 2nd time I was attacked at the zoo! WTF?  Rationally, I figured he had already spoken with the butterflies.

I think it’s time to go.

But wait, the Rhino’s! We found them. Well, we found her. But you could hear the baby calling her from behind some rocks if she wandered too far. It was cute. It would have been cuter in 75 degree weather, but It made it worth it to the kids…. (They totally didn’t care if I was attacked twice.)

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  1. KLZ says:

    Dude, zombie butterflies could take over so much more easily than zombie humans
    KLZ recently posted..Words with Friends

  2. Carol says:

    This was very enjoyable to read! Thank you.

  3. Carol says:

    Wait…not that you got attacked TWICE. Just good writing!

  4. Kelley says:

    If the zoo looked like that where in live in Texas, we’d all be holed up in our houses and would be acting like the world was going to end. That waterfall is crazy! Thanks for sharing these cute pictures! Thanks also for letting me hang out here last week. :)

  5. This post is great. I love it! But you TEASED me! Where is my Baby Rhino picture??? ;)
    Nicole Rivera recently posted..Five Movies to Nurture Your Eating Conscience

  6. Mrs. Jen B says:

    What’s that quote from The Simpsons? “When I come back I want to be a butterfly – no one ever suspects the butterfly”. Something like that. Maybe it wasn’t even the Simpsons…

    …anyway, very funny. I agree, more fun in warmer temps!

  7. Lol, what an adventure! And now I really want to see that baby rhino too! ;)
    Brenna @ Almost All The Truth recently posted..Tuesday Top Ten- best valentine’s crafts for children…

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