Let me introduce you to a little something…

This probably doesn’t apply to half of you, but you other 50% – it’s gonna blow your mind.

Thank god we are in the age of modern vehicles, right?  We can get across town in minutes without hitching up the wagon. We can throw groceries in the back and get home while the food is still cold. We can buckle up the kids & turn on some music to drown out the fighting. But, if only there were some way to actually let other drivers know what our intentions are while on the road. I don’t know, maybe some way to signal to them that we are about to turn or change lanes….

Well, have I got some good news for you! Look to the left of your steering wheel. There is a stick like contraption poking out the side. You don’t even have to take your hands off the wheel! It’s so easy, 2 fingers can push it. Now, I know this might be a little hard for some people to grasp but it’s called a “blinker”. Cute name, huh? Because it actually blinks. AND there is one on ALL four sides of your car! Crazy! If you use this doohicky, people around you (also in their thousand pound hunks of metal) will be able to figure out if you’d like to be in their lane, or if you are slowing so you’d like to turn. It’s really quite a handy dandy little mechanism. Try it out! I promise the more you use it, the less people will honk and flip you off.

You’re welcome.

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