Thanksgiving Car Trip 2012

5 kids, 1 dog, 2 crazy parents for 6 hours straight….. It went a little like this:

Hour 1: This is easy!! Are we almost there yet?


Hour 2: There is some NOT sharing going on. Almost there yet??


Hour 3: Oh Holy night, the songs of the angels are in our midst. This lasted 15 minutes.


Hour 4: Apparently it’s a hostile take over free-for all. NOW are we almost there yet??


Hour 5: 1 crying, 1 screaming, 1 whining, 1 pouting & 1 blaring everything out with headphones. Let us out RIGHT NOW!


Hour 6: We’ve recruited schaffer the darklord :

CLICK Here for hour 6.

Skepticon Weekend 2012

So, there’s this thing called skepticon.. Dave & I tried to go. We are skeptics. GASP. There is so much that science can explain that religion cannot. Saying that, we didn’t get to see any speakers. We arrived Friday night, hung out with Rebecca Watson from Skepchick     and saw Aron Ra and Matt Dillahunty but the main person PZ Meyers, didn’t show until the next day. And wouldn’t you know it, our babysitter called and Vivi was sick. We left ASAP and missed the talks. This upset me, because this was supposed to be Dave’s weekend. The people he reads are important to him… Damn it! Well, he drove the 4 hours home like a bat out of hell like Vivi was drawing her last breath. (it turns out she was simply slightly congested.) There’s always next year, I guess. Before we got there, we did go through the Exotic Animal Park. (My favorite) SO I got 50 pictures of zebras and camels and 1 of Dave and a hero of his, the friendly atheist Hemant. PZ Meyers: Dave missed you. It was important. please contact him here: It would mean a lot.

It was so cute when Dave was impressed with Rebecca Watson. She was a cool chick. I enjoyed talking to her. She and her posse let us sit & talk awhile. (Hi Cammie, hope I spelled that right!)  Until Rebecca pulled out the “Last time I talked to John Barrowman shit”  UH, HELLO. John Barrowman is MINE chicka. (yeah, Dave called me on the jealousy issue) Anyway. They were all cool to chat with. The most impressive being when Aron Ra went head to head with the Religious group outside of the convention. I’m not even sure what religion they were, but I accepted their handouts and respected their beliefs. That’s what I would expect from them, after all. I wish I had gotten photos, but that is exactly when the babysitter called about Vivi, and we left ASAP. Just to back track a second…. We were sitting in the hotel lobby, Dave was eating his apple pie, Rebecca was telling a story, and this gang of cowboys walked through like it was high noon at WTFever ranch. AND nobody said anything! I waited a good 10 minutes before prompting with “UM, did anyone ELSE here see a gang of cowboys just walk through the lobby like there should have been a loud sound track playing in the background??” Oh, they said. That was Aron Ra, they said. Well, nice to know I’m not crazy. Also, he came back & talked like a normal person without the soundtrack. He seemed cool.

But back to the Exotic Animal park.. It was great.

Oh yeah baby!


And of course, I did get a skepticon photo: Dave & Hemant (who is a really cool guy):


Crazy Sleep Pic 10/22/12

Hand in cheetos and all….

Murder, She Should Have Wrote…

On one of our rare dates Dave & I attended a murder mystery dinner. 20′s style! It was so fantastic to get to dress up and actually converse with other adults, instead of herding shorties to their next candy fix!

Good thing I had to use the restroom, because the murder took place right at my seat! We had a bunch of theories, but I think we have been watching too much Fringe. The culprit was obvious, but in being so, alluded most of us. Although, if you ask my husband, we were winners by default because our theory made more sense.

Thanks to my dear friend Slava, Dave & I have an exceptional keepsake photo from the night:

Don’t worry about me burning him, it was a fake cigarette, which I also had to pry out of the hands of my heathen children who just wanted to show off to their friends.

Also, a photo booth was there! These are SO fun! But be warned there’s only like a 2 second delay between shots, which explains much of the DUH expressions on my face. lol.

Here we have me, Slava, and Blanche from The HoneyComb. Blanche makes the most fantastic headpieces! In fact, she’s in your latest issues of Glamor. November, page 181. Yeah, you should check her out! In fact, I’d go as far as to say that if you know anyone getting married, Blanche and Slava are two women you don’t want your wedding to be without. They are that good. *sigh* Makes me want to get married again. Maybe we will! 2020 – Save the date!!

Halloween 2012

Halloween night was a nightmare of epic proportions. Let me tell you the horrific tale. A mom, Dr. Who, a medieval princess, and Iceland were 30 minutes from home and stuck in a moving vehicle while a tiny pirate projectile vomited a weeks worth of groceries all over everything. There was much crying from the pirate, screaming from the princess, and whining from Iceland. Luckily Dr. Who changed into his super dad outfit and pulled her out of the car so she could throw up in her halloween bucket as he took off her outfit & pitched it. Soon we were back home where dad was scrubbing out the van, I had Vivi in the bath, and eventually the others got to go trick or treating. The End.

Before Vivi pulled an exorcist, they were all pretty cute: