Murder, She Should Have Wrote…

On one of our rare dates Dave & I attended a murder mystery dinner. 20′s style! It was so fantastic to get to dress up and actually converse with other adults, instead of herding shorties to their next candy fix!

Good thing I had to use the restroom, because the murder took place right at my seat! We had a bunch of theories, but I think we have been watching too much Fringe. The culprit was obvious, but in being so, alluded most of us. Although, if you ask my husband, we were winners by default because our theory made more sense.

Thanks to my dear friend Slava, Dave & I have an exceptional keepsake photo from the night:

Don’t worry about me burning him, it was a fake cigarette, which I also had to pry out of the hands of my heathen children who just wanted to show off to their friends.

Also, a photo booth was there! These are SO fun! But be warned there’s only like a 2 second delay between shots, which explains much of the DUH expressions on my face. lol.

Here we have me, Slava, and Blanche from The HoneyComb. Blanche makes the most fantastic headpieces! In fact, she’s in your latest issues of Glamor. November, page 181. Yeah, you should check her out! In fact, I’d go as far as to say that if you know anyone getting married, Blanche and Slava are two women you don’t want your wedding to be without. They are that good. *sigh* Makes me want to get married again. Maybe we will! 2020 – Save the date!!

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