Who is VivoBello?

I am a freelance writer who has 5 offspring and a happy marriage. Living the dream the only way we know how, and that’s just a little bit more than the law will allow.  Sign your name as a Proactive Partner and a link if you want, just as a way to say to yourself, yes, I can do 1 kind act in my week. I WILL throw away toys that are still on the floor after the 3rd reminder, I will wash dirt from faces with my spit (not yours), and you may get a general rant about how much other peoples driving sucks. And yes, some days end weighing the options of the hidden cookies or the anxiety pills… Angie, goddess to Dave, Supermom to Jude 13, Bella 12, Luke 7, Liza 6, and Vivian 3.

Contact Information:

I do read everything I get & try very hard to respond to each of you!

email is best: angie@vivobello.com


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