Crazy Sleep Pic 5/16/2013

What a helpful sister! She didn't want her neck to hurt.

What a helpful sister! She didn’t want her neck to hurt.


Yeah, never mind.

Crazy Sleep Pic 3/2013

Mmmmm, Cheetos are so Zzzzzzz.

Mmmmm, Cheetos are so Zzzzzzz.

Crazy sleep pic 10/14/12

We went to the Show Me Sign meeting at Bread Co. & Liza didn’t make it. Show Me Sign is the local sign language meet up group. I don’t know how she falls asleep in public so easily!



Crazy Sleep Pic 8/7/12

Liza sleeping in a restaurant, and she didn’t even eat turkey!

The Excitement Over the Rocket Was More Than He Could Take

3 for the Price of 1!

Sleeping in triplicate! Yeah! This was 5 minutes after we left the mall.


Crazy Sleep Pic 4/26/12

Liza fell asleep eating a sucker.

Crazy Sleep Pic 4/25/12

I have no clue why Liza wants to sleep in her doorway.

Crazy Sleep Pic 4/24/12

He really loves his wii.

Crazy Sleep pictures April 2012

I’ve decided to make a tab of the crazy ways I find my kids sleeping. These are of Vivi in the past week.

The only time that gate ever worked.


She made it half way to the bed.


Supposed to be napping...