Funny Things Kids Say…

Luke: (during his 1st week of kindergarten) I can make a lower case a!
Dave: That’s pretty cool, how do you do it?
Luke: You make a d and put a line through it.
Dave: Well that sounds…. interesting. You’ll have to show me when we get home.
Luke: You mean you don’t know how to make one??

The day before school starts
Bella: Can I have some salmonella before bed tonight?
Me: What??
Bella: You know the stuff that makes me tired and will reset my body clock?
Me: (laughing) You mean Melatonin? Salmonella might kill you.
Bella: Yeah, whatever.
Me: BIG difference.

Liza to a friend: Do you want to play hide & seek?
Friend: Yes, I’ll count!
Liza: Ok, I’ll hide under that chair!
Friend: OK!
(and they both took turns counting and hiding under the same chair for 15 minutes)

Me: Are you making prints in the mud with your boots?
Liza: No, I’m making princesses.

Liza: We’re playing restaurant, what would you like?
Me: I’d love an apple.
Liza: We don’t have that.
Me: How ’bout a banana?
Liza: We don’t have that.
Me: A Hamburger?
Liza: We don’t have that.
Me: What do you have?
Liza: Pizza
Me: Ok, I’ll have a slice of pizza.
Liza: *prepares and delivers pizza*
Liza: Would you like dessert?
Me: Yes, I’ll have some cake please!
Liza: We don’t have that.
Me: Ice cream?
Liza: We don’t have that.
Me: Ok, just tell me what you have..
Liza: I told you, we have pizza.

Liza (5): Badness turns to Goodness.
Me: What?!
Liza: Badness turns to goodness.
Me: When?
Liza: Thursday
Me: Ok then.

Liza (5): “Vivi, when you grow up you have to be nice to people”
Vivi (3): “Will you help me?”
Liza: “WHY would I DO that??”

Vivi: (2) Let’s sword fight!
Liza:(5) Ok!
Vivi: has a sword and gives Liza a flyswatter……
It did not turn out well….

Liza: What’s this soup made with?
Me: chicken, noodles, and chicken broth.
Liza: but, is it made with love??
Me: Um, why yes, yes it is.
Liza: Momma, is THIS chicken made with love?
Me: Yes, I make everything with extra special love.
Liza (looking skeptical): I think this chicken is made with poison love.

Me: Would you like to try to ride the bus to school next year?
Liza: Oh yes!! I promise not to bite them anymore. Liza’s on it”
Me: O.o

Vivi sneezed…
Dave: gesundheit!
Vivi: What??
Dave: gesundheit
Vivi: What??
Liza: He said Bazinga!

We now say bazinga whenever anyone sneezes.

Watching the X-Fiels with Bella..
Skully: It’s a phenomenon.
Bella: A phenomenon? Do do da do dooo

Luke (7)& Liza (6) telling each other jokes:

Luke: Why did the boy with a moustache cross the road?
Answer: To lay on his brothers big belly. Huge belly. It’s huge.
Liza: Why did the girl with a moustache cross the road?
Answer: To sleep on a moustache.
Then they both laughed.

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