It’s Spring in the Wild West!



What a beautiful weekend! I can officially come out of hibernation. Saturday we took a picnic lunch to the neighboring town. Yeah, we live just west of 1875.  I figured if the kids were going to have a shoot out, that would be the place to do it.

Old West Missouri

Oddly enough, we couldn’t get them out of the buggy. Well, we couldn’t get Vivi INTO the buggy, but the rest were happy just to sit in it for awhile. Bella reclined in the back and played on her phone. I’m pretty sure that’s how they did it back in the day.

Old West2 Collage Old West3 Collage


Sisters are so sweet. This was snapped in the serene moment just as Vivi noticed she lost a shoe. Bella didn’t notice the shoe, so a fit commenced.




The only way it would have been a better day is if Dave would have worn his cowboy hat. He says that’s just for me though. Sorry.

Dave & Angie2

Crazy Sleep Pic 3/2013

Mmmmm, Cheetos are so Zzzzzzz.

Mmmmm, Cheetos are so Zzzzzzz.

DIY Ladder Shelf

When we moved into this home last year, the living room was a bit smaller than we were used to. This brought up the question of “Do we shove our stuff in, or not have a bookcase?”. I hate crowded rooms so no way was I shoving in furniture. Bookshelves on the wall seemed a likely alternative, but with the open layout there was only 1 decent spot available.


I recently asked a question to Bronson Pinchot (the t is silent, if you’ve ever wondered) from The Bronson Pinchot Project about what was worth spending more money on and where we could save money when doing a house. He told me “Don’t ever skimp on your framing, electricals, plumbing or electronics. Personally I would keep the ‘shell’ simple and put astounding art in it. Because the art goes with you.”

Although we aren’t in a place to remodel or build right now, I still took his advice and decided on functional art.  I began thinking about how we could get books on the wall, yet have it be interesting and artistic. We were already feeling the rustic vibe, so I began to look for an old ladder. I figured, turn it on it’s side, the rungs are natural dividers and the books would look great. I fell in love with this idea. But, do you know how hard it is to find an old ladder? I want very badly to say my project consists of repurposed material I found at the recycle center or someones old barn. Sigh. I looked for several months before I broke down and bought one at an antique shop. Then Dave asks me how I planned to get the ladder on the wall. I’m all, “I can’t have all the great ideas, get some brackets and nail it up there!” Apparently that isn’t how it works. But being the awesome husband he is, he measured stuff, took me to Lowes and found some pretty brackets, bought some stuff to screw them in, bought other stuff to anchor it, and then got to work…. on stuff.

First we had to find the studs. Look! I found one! Isn't he a dream boat?

First we had to find the studs. Look! I found one! Isn’t he a dream boat?


Pretty brackets are like $2.00 a piece. Pick them out, screw them into the studs. (The wall studs, not your handyman)

Pretty brackets are like $2.00 a piece. Pick them out, screw them into the studs. (The wall studs, not your handyman)


Screw the ladder to the brackets. Take 25 photos of husbands cute butt.

Screw the ladder to the brackets. Take 25 photos of husbands cute butt.


Finish off with books! It really was easy!

Finish off with books! It really was easy!


Once I found the ladder, this was a pretty easy project to complete. And it looks fantastic!




I Can’t Figure Out This Child!

Bella just got done taking her placement tests for middle school classes. I know, I can’t possibly be old enough to have a middle schooler. Except the back pain that screams at me when I bathe the younger 2. Wait, this isn’t about me.
Anyway, I’m very proud of her. She tested at half way through 8th grade math level & half way through 12th grade reading level.
Then today I check her homework. She wrote a beautiful essay on the history of Islam, and then in a different class, had the question: explain the differences between erosion and weathering. To which her answer was, “erosion and weathering are different because they are different”.
I’m thinking that class was at the end of the day.


The Other Kind of Pinterest Mom

I love Pinterest, I really do. Usually I waste way too many hours there combing over things that I want to make but never will. I can rock the recipes pretty hard, but the crafts? Yeah, no. With 3 girls, I’m forced invited to tackle crafty making things on occasion and I give it the old (insert alma mater here) try.

The girls wanted to make their own valentines this year so I hit up Pinterest for ideas. What I learned is that there are a lot of moms out there with way too much time on their hands and an intense desire to prove just how fantastic of a mom they are by spending heaps of hours crafting intricate trinkets that will inevitably be thrown out within 10 minutes of the school party. Really, do you save Valentines from other kids (er, other kids moms)? I didn’t think so. I went ahead and bought the foldable barbie valentines the kids could sign and be done with.

What we did take from Pinterest was some part craft/part food ideas to make for the family. Really, the best craft is an edible one. We started with some heart shaped rice krispie treats.

Not too bad at all.

Not too bad at all.


I decided to get brave and make everyone some large rice krispie treat – hershey kiss look alikes.

Harder with the shaping involved, but not bad for my first time.

Harder with the shaping involved, but not bad for my first time.


My favorite part was coming up with the sayings for the tags:

“Roses are red, Violets are blue, and so are crayons”

“Chocolate is good, cake is darn yummy, eat this treat fast or it goes in MY tummy”

“Roses are red, Carnations are pink, I see an angel, don’t you dare blink!”

and a special treat for Dave - “Apples are sweet, Lemons are sour, take off your clothes, you’re mine for an hour”. (It’s way more fun coming up with dirty ones!)

Then I got really full of myself and decided to MAKE Dave’s Valentines gift. It was a cute idea, but I needed to alter it to “fit” us. I’m pretty sure I ended up liking it more than he did, but isn’t that the point to Valentine’s Day? To make me happy? I think so.

Notable Lovers

Notable Lovers


Then there are the times the kiddos want to make something and it ends up sucking doesn’t turn out so well. I give you “Cookie Bowls”. We had our ice cream ready and our spoons out. I even had my camera ready because I was sure they would turn out super cute, and then I could post it on facebook showing off my cooking crafty prowess. You were going to be so jealous of my proficiency.

This is what they were supposed to be:

cookie bowl right



This is what they were:

cookie bowl fail


Fail. They were, however, still edible and became more of an ice cream topping. Next time, Pinterest, next time.




So, Our Anniversary was in January

We got a babysitter for the WHOLE night, a spa suite at a nice hotel and we had some plans. Good plans. Adult stuff plans.
We were going to enjoy the jacuzzi, see a movie, hit a local bar, enjoy the jacuzzi again and then tear the blankets off the huge mega king plus size bed and get down to the fun stuff. That’s right, we brought board games, cards, and dice games to have a night long game-a-thon with no interruptions!
What we ended up doing was barely making it through the movie and passed out in an exhausted slumber that lasted until check out time the next day. Never even got to turn that fantastic tub on! Sigh. Well, our goal was to spend time together doing something we couldn’t do with our monsters children around.
Mission Accomplished.


Thanksgiving Car Trip 2012

5 kids, 1 dog, 2 crazy parents for 6 hours straight….. It went a little like this:

Hour 1: This is easy!! Are we almost there yet?


Hour 2: There is some NOT sharing going on. Almost there yet??


Hour 3: Oh Holy night, the songs of the angels are in our midst. This lasted 15 minutes.


Hour 4: Apparently it’s a hostile take over free-for all. NOW are we almost there yet??


Hour 5: 1 crying, 1 screaming, 1 whining, 1 pouting & 1 blaring everything out with headphones. Let us out RIGHT NOW!


Hour 6: We’ve recruited schaffer the darklord :

CLICK Here for hour 6.

Skepticon Weekend 2012

So, there’s this thing called skepticon.. Dave & I tried to go. We are skeptics. GASP. There is so much that science can explain that religion cannot. Saying that, we didn’t get to see any speakers. We arrived Friday night, hung out with Rebecca Watson from Skepchick     and saw Aron Ra and Matt Dillahunty but the main person PZ Meyers, didn’t show until the next day. And wouldn’t you know it, our babysitter called and Vivi was sick. We left ASAP and missed the talks. This upset me, because this was supposed to be Dave’s weekend. The people he reads are important to him… Damn it! Well, he drove the 4 hours home like a bat out of hell like Vivi was drawing her last breath. (it turns out she was simply slightly congested.) There’s always next year, I guess. Before we got there, we did go through the Exotic Animal Park. (My favorite) SO I got 50 pictures of zebras and camels and 1 of Dave and a hero of his, the friendly atheist Hemant. PZ Meyers: Dave missed you. It was important. please contact him here: It would mean a lot.

It was so cute when Dave was impressed with Rebecca Watson. She was a cool chick. I enjoyed talking to her. She and her posse let us sit & talk awhile. (Hi Cammie, hope I spelled that right!)  Until Rebecca pulled out the “Last time I talked to John Barrowman shit”  UH, HELLO. John Barrowman is MINE chicka. (yeah, Dave called me on the jealousy issue) Anyway. They were all cool to chat with. The most impressive being when Aron Ra went head to head with the Religious group outside of the convention. I’m not even sure what religion they were, but I accepted their handouts and respected their beliefs. That’s what I would expect from them, after all. I wish I had gotten photos, but that is exactly when the babysitter called about Vivi, and we left ASAP. Just to back track a second…. We were sitting in the hotel lobby, Dave was eating his apple pie, Rebecca was telling a story, and this gang of cowboys walked through like it was high noon at WTFever ranch. AND nobody said anything! I waited a good 10 minutes before prompting with “UM, did anyone ELSE here see a gang of cowboys just walk through the lobby like there should have been a loud sound track playing in the background??” Oh, they said. That was Aron Ra, they said. Well, nice to know I’m not crazy. Also, he came back & talked like a normal person without the soundtrack. He seemed cool.

But back to the Exotic Animal park.. It was great.

Oh yeah baby!


And of course, I did get a skepticon photo: Dave & Hemant (who is a really cool guy):


Crazy Sleep Pic 10/22/12

Hand in cheetos and all….

Murder, She Should Have Wrote…

On one of our rare dates Dave & I attended a murder mystery dinner. 20′s style! It was so fantastic to get to dress up and actually converse with other adults, instead of herding shorties to their next candy fix!

Good thing I had to use the restroom, because the murder took place right at my seat! We had a bunch of theories, but I think we have been watching too much Fringe. The culprit was obvious, but in being so, alluded most of us. Although, if you ask my husband, we were winners by default because our theory made more sense.

Thanks to my dear friend Slava, Dave & I have an exceptional keepsake photo from the night:

Don’t worry about me burning him, it was a fake cigarette, which I also had to pry out of the hands of my heathen children who just wanted to show off to their friends.

Also, a photo booth was there! These are SO fun! But be warned there’s only like a 2 second delay between shots, which explains much of the DUH expressions on my face. lol.

Here we have me, Slava, and Blanche from The HoneyComb. Blanche makes the most fantastic headpieces! In fact, she’s in your latest issues of Glamor. November, page 181. Yeah, you should check her out! In fact, I’d go as far as to say that if you know anyone getting married, Blanche and Slava are two women you don’t want your wedding to be without. They are that good. *sigh* Makes me want to get married again. Maybe we will! 2020 – Save the date!!