Proactive Partners

Every small part adds up to the whole of greatest of good. I’m challenging everyone reading this to choose to be proactive in your lives. Can you do 1 act of kindness a week? That’s all I’m asking. Sign your name and town to the list, feel free to add your blog or website if you have one. The act of signing your name is a symbol of your commitment to kindness for yourself. There will be no monitoring, reminding, emails or spam of any kind. This is simply you saying yes, I will join you in making the world better by doing 1 proactive act each week. If you need inspiration, there is a great list of ideas started under the proactive kindness tab. Your act is whatever you feel like doing, whenever.  Thank you for choosing to add more kindness to the world!

If you don’t have a website, (that’s ok! most people don’t!) Just put your name in the link title and leave the URL field blank!

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